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Ageing Workforce

Why is it a priority?

By 2030, it is estimated that the number of Singapore citizens aged 65 and above will triple to 900,000.  In addition, a decline in the number of available younger workers will increase the need for employers to retain older workers. These demographic trends, coupled with longer life expectancy, will require businesses to work with employees to protect the work ability  of employees of all ages.


Figure 13: Age Profile of Citizen Population 

As shown in Figure 14, the workplace injury rate for workers aged 55 years and above is higher than the overall national workplace injury rate.


Figure 14: Workplace Injuries rate of Injured Workers Aged 55 and Above (Year 2013 - 2017)
Source: Ministry of Manpower

Research Needs

To prevent work injuries and ill health arising from work among older workers, we propose the following research areas:

  • Establish relationship between age, personal health, work ability and risk of work injuries and work-related ill-health;
  • Identify risk factors for work injuries and work-related ill health amongst the older workers; and
  • Identify solutions and determine their effectiveness to reduce work injuries and work-related ill health of older workers.